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Phish March Madness: The Phinal Phour

Tweezer, YEM, Hood and Reba. That’s what it’s down to folks. Four of the heaviest hitting songs in Phish history. Each song brims with improvisational potential. Every time the opening note of these tunes is played, Phish fans go nuts with anticipation. #1 seeded YEM is probably the favorite here but has to go up against #2 Harry Hood, a staple vehicle of Phish’s musical exploration, to get to the championship game. The other game will be Tweezer vs. Reba, which will essentially test whether you prefer your Phish dark and sinister or light and playful.

I mentioned before that I would do the Phinal Phour vote on Facebook as a poll, but I have decided to do that for only the championship game instead. Here is the voting link for the Phinal Phour:

The Phinal Phour

Check back Friday morning for the championship game, thanks everyone!

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