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Phish Tour Bingo!!!

It’s here people!!! Do you have what it takes to win at Phish Tour Bingo? We’re going to see this summer:) Play against your crew out on tour and dominate them!

To print, click the image to open the high-resolution version, then just right-click and save it to your computer. Open it up and print… that’s it! You can fill these out back at the hotey after the show while you’re clowning around with your peeps. 

Thank you all so much for continuing to read my blog, and please be safe and smart out there on tour. Cheers!

Phish Tour Essential Items

Tour is less than a week away now, and seeing as this is the last weekend before tour, I thought it may be prime packing-for-tour time for many phans. I figured I would help you guys out with a bit of a list of stuff you should be packing…

Well I scoured the web and asked all my friends about what the most essential items to have on Phish tour are… here’s what we came up with. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list.

-cargo shorts with stash pocket

-flatbrim collection

-cooler full of Sammy Smith’s

-sequin button up from 1998


-your favorite baja

-party visor

-peanut butter (for re-twisting up those starter dreads)

-“I did Fishman” button

-package of tube socks

-your mom’s Chevron card

-glitter bombs

-gooball recipe (hell, you’ve already got the peanut butter)

-your headiest crystals

-Be Good Family gear

-disco ball necklace


-swim trunks and portable speakers for late-night hot-tub parties

-sunglasses and advil (for the next morning)

-wristbands from the party store for sneaking down to the pit

-for chicks: backless shirts

-for dudes: backless shirts (be a trend-setter)

-ultra-wicking briefs

-sage logs

-yoga mat

-baby wipes

-flourescent pink wig

-tank dolly 

-heating pad (for the over-30 crowd)


-Ben Gay for sore shoulder after fist pumping ‘til the sun rises

-lot-chick strength condoms

-your lawyer’s phone number

and finally, the most important thing that absolutely mustn’t forget to bring with you is a surrender-to-the-flow attitude. Bring that and nothing can go wrong;)

Cheers and happy travels to you all. Be safe and I hope to run in to you out on the road.

Top 10 reasons to go see Phish this summer

Ever since the New Year’s Run I’ve been hearing a lot of moaning and groaning about Phish. “They don’t jam,” “The west coast is getting screwed!” “No fall tour? WTF Phish?” …shit like that. Well regardless of all this, there are still a ton of great reasons to go see Phish. For one, they rock; but even aside from the music altogether, here are the top 10 reasons you should go to some shows this summer…

10. Your not going to end up in a hot tub, doing MDMA dips with some hot tour mama, by sitting on your couch.

9. You’ve been hearing rumors of a possible Holo-Pac sit-in.

8. String Cheese Incident broke up.

7. There isn’t as much of a market for heady nugs on Ted Nugent/ STYX/ REO Speedwagon lot.

6. Because you haven’t visited your parents since the last time Phish played Jones Beach.

5. Where else are you going to recruit ketamine mules?

4. Tomato garlic grilled cheeses taste amazing when you have the munchies.

3. They may play another ‘S’ show.

2. That molly ain’t gonna swang itself.

and the number one reason you should go see Phish this summer is…

1. Antelope Greg is getting old and this may be the last chance young fans have to get thrown out of his dance space.

Cheers everyone!!! Getting very excited for the summer, hope to see you all there! Thanks for reading!

Phish summer primer mixtape

I’m getting really excited for the summer tour so i cheffed up a mix of some of my favorite unmistakably summertime Phish grooves… peep it out.

Phish March Madness: And the winner is….

Congratulations to You Enjoy Myself!!! You have won the 2012 Phish March Madness tournament!!! What a final game… there were probably 20+ lead changes with both teams refusing to bow out without a fight. Tweezer was up by 5 votes with 15 minutes to go but YEM was able to scrap back in the final few ticks and win by a score of 546-540. Wow! what a great way to finish an amazing tournament. Thank you all so much for making it so fun and so interesting. I’m kinda sad it’s all over :tear: but I’m so happy it was an exciting finish. Thank you once again for voting over and over again and keeping things interactive. Cheers everyone.

Phish March Madness: The National Championship

It’s finally here folks. The game that will decide what the fan’s favorite Phish song is. It’s down to YEM and Tweez for all the marbs. I am doing the vote as a poll question directly on my Facebook blog. This way, everyone can follow along as the votes tally. I really want to thank everyone so much for making this a super fun tournament, and also thank you for voting over and over again. I was really worried people would lose interest after the first few rounds. So go ahead and start voting. Here is the link…


If you don’t have Facebook, for god sake sign up! Don’t worry, I’ll still think you’re cool if you do… Thanks again everyone so much and I will post the winner on Tuesday morning. So you have until then to vote. Cheers.

Phish March Madness: The Phinal Phour

Tweezer, YEM, Hood and Reba. That’s what it’s down to folks. Four of the heaviest hitting songs in Phish history. Each song brims with improvisational potential. Every time the opening note of these tunes is played, Phish fans go nuts with anticipation. #1 seeded YEM is probably the favorite here but has to go up against #2 Harry Hood, a staple vehicle of Phish’s musical exploration, to get to the championship game. The other game will be Tweezer vs. Reba, which will essentially test whether you prefer your Phish dark and sinister or light and playful.

I mentioned before that I would do the Phinal Phour vote on Facebook as a poll, but I have decided to do that for only the championship game instead. Here is the voting link for the Phinal Phour:

The Phinal Phour

Check back Friday morning for the championship game, thanks everyone!

Phish March Madness: The Elite 8

We’re down to the Elite 8 people. Please come on over and vote, things are getting pretty interesting. This will be the last round that will be voted on Polldaddy. I will be posting the Phinal Phour games as a poll question on TIMF’s Facebook page. This way, people can share the question and everyone will be able to watch the votes tally as the votes roll in. Hopefully that will rekindle some interest since we had a much lower vote turnout in the Sweet 16 round than the previous two rounds. Now go ahead and get to voting everyone, and thanks again for your participation. Here is the link:

Elite 8

The voting for this round will go until Wednesday morning. Check back then for the Phinal Phour.

Phish March Madness: Sweet 16!


There were no upsets in the Round of 32, which is somewhat disappointing, but it leaves the Sweet 16 poised to be a doozy. All that’s left now are monster Phish jams. Most of the games in the last round were blowouts, surprisingly. The exception was the Sand vs. Split match-up, in which Split barely edged it out by a count of 548 to 529. This round really has some tough calls… Antelope vs. Stash, DWD vs. 2001, Mike’s vs. Hood…

The voting for the Sweet 16 is open now, go here to vote:

Sweet 16

Although the turnout was still very impressive, we didn’t get as many votes in the second round as we did in the first, so please, come on over and get involved people. Voting will go until Monday morning, at which time I will post the Elite 8 round. Thanks and happy March madness!

Phish March Madness: Round of 32

So the first round of the tournament was a huge success, most match-ups were voted on by over 1,500 people. There were a few close games, most notably, #11 Colonel Forbin’s Ascent barely edging #6 Twist Around by only three votes and Split Open and Melt squeaking by Lizards by only 30 votes to move on to the Round of 32. One of the bigger shockers was PYITE taking out heavyweight Harpua by a good margin. Did not see that one coming… Other close matches were the Light vs. Halley’s battle, which Light barely won by a count of 721 to 647. The only other real upset was #10 Rock and Roll handily beating out #7 Suzy Greenberg by over 400 tallies. A lot of folks thought #14 Timber Ho had a chance to upset #3 Fluffhead, but no dice there as Fluffhead bulldozed by a final count of 1,183 to 334.

The Round of 32 is online now, the polls for this round will last until Friday morning and I will reveal the Sweet 16 sometime on Friday. There are some pretty spicy match-ups in this round…

Thanks again so much everyone for participating, here are the voting links:

East and South Regions

West and Midwest Regions

After you vote, check back on Friday for the Sweet 16 round, cheers everyone and please enjoy.

Phish March Madness: Opening Round

It’s here people, the definitive answer to the question, “what is the best Phish song?” The polls for the Opening Round of 64 are online now and will be open for voting until Thursday morning, at which time I will update the bracket and reveal the winning songs and the total votes in each “game.” When voting, consider the history of the song, how long they’ve been playing it, as well as your own personal experience with the song. Don’t be afraid to make a bold call, that’s what this tourney is all about!

 The contest will last a week or two, at which point the fan’s favorite Phish song will be crowned champion. Okay, lets get it going, here’s the links to the Opening Round voting:

East Region

West Region

South Region

Midwest Region

The voting for the Round of 32 will begin on Wednesday. Thanks for reading everyone and please do vote! Also, thanks to Dave Calarco, Carey Guttman and everyone else who helped me out with this! Cheers everyone, I’m getting excited for this summer!

UPDATE: Wow, we’ve had over 500 votes in the first two hours, awesome! Thank you all so much for voting. You can follow along on Facebook too where i’ll be giving updates on close games, big upsets, etc. Thanks again!!!

Trey’s short-lived career as a body double

I had no clue Trey used to be a Hollywood body double. I came across these last night…


The Big Lebowski:

Apocalypse Now:

Cool Runnings:

What About Bob?:

So cool! who knew???

Summer of ‘89 shelfed???

2011 was the first year ever that Phish played the first and last day of the year. It marked the return of the theremin(nearly 400 shows), the birth of the storage jam, a triumphant return to the west coast, and the shelfing of Time Turns Elastic and Summer of ‘89. Steam, Phish’s most promising composition of 3.0, was debuted. Phish also played their first show in Vermont since Coventry and made it out without Page crying or Trey giving away the trampolines. 2011 gave us a peek into the band’s new touring model, with some monster multi-night runs over the course of the year at Bethel, return trips to the Gorge and UIC Pavillion, and of course the blowouts in Denver at Dick’s Sporting Wood Arena and at Watkins Glen for Superball 9… Phish’s first festival on the east coast since their 3.0 return.

Most importantly, 2011 was another year of Phish in the books… And with the band looking like they have finally found a sustainable touring gameplan, the future looks good. Trey is loving Phish again and has learned to do so while sober, which is a blessing for all of us phans who remember Trey when he was strung out: 

Looking ahead to 2012, I see more of the same. Less shows than we’re used to perhaps, but more multi-night runs. With the band getting older and with Page having a newborn baby, I doubt they tour too extensively. I’d love to see them make a return trip up the west coast but I would be really surprised if that happened. I think the success of Superball will encourage the band to do another festival this summer, perhaps back at Watkins Glen(or maybe 2012 is the year they return to Presque Isle???). I also fully expect a return to Alpine Valley and Deer Creek after the band uncharacteristically didn’t play either one this past summer. There’s also the Cosmic Party date of 12/21/12(which marks the end of the Mayan calendar) that I bet Phish plays, which would be crazy…

Anyway, 2011 was a rousing success and I’m excited to see what 2012 holds in store for us. Cheers, happy new year, and thank you all for reading and making my 2011 so much fun.

My First Tapes

My first show was a Halloween show, and I always love spending my Halloweens with Phish. Doesn’t look like the band will be doing a Halloween show this year unfortunately but I’ve still been reminiscing about when I was just getting in to Phish back in ‘95 and ‘96. I was so awestruck by everything about Phish back then. A lot of that had to do with the tapes I was listening to while trying my hardest to learn about the band and their music.

I used to go down to the local head shop in my town and there was this dude that worked there who was this older heady Phish taper guy. They had a duel tape deck dubbing machine thingy and a signup sheet where you could mark yourself down for two hours of time to tape stuff. They had a bunch of Dead, Phish and other assorted jam stuff that this guy had taped. I would go in with a fresh pack of Maxells(never TDKs) and grab as much Phish as i could. I’d look in my copy of the Pharmer’s Almanac before going in and try to find shows that looked especially good. I recorded a bunch of stuff that was the baseline for my early Phish fanaticism. I’d go home afterwards and listen to the tapes while I wrote the setlist on my Phish tape covers. I would sit there and try to figure out what Gamehendge was all about or decipher the secret language.

I saw the taper guy a bunch for years after that once I started to see Phish more often. I tried talking to him a few times to tell him we were from the same hometown and that I used to come in to his store and thank him for making his music available to me, but he was always in a hurry or just aloof. He was just one of those too-cool-for-school taper bros I guess. Whatever, even though he turned out to be kind of a douche, I want to thank that dude for hooking me up with epic tapes and helping me become less of a newb.

I made a mix of some of the stuff I taped back then… Still to this day it’s some of my favorite Phish to listen to. Peep it out and thanks for reading…

Phish tour problems: A subsidiary of white people problems

We’re all super lucky to be able to see this amazing band so much and clearly the band makes it all worth the effort… but when I’m at shows I still see people involved in tour drama all around me. It’s always something. Most normal folk would laugh at some of the things we bitch about on tour. Here’s the most ridiculous Phish tour problems that I overheard this summer:

-They’re all sold out of merit badges

-Page side is too crowded

-No late-night room service

-The Embassy Suites is sold out, have to stay at the Radisson

-Closest Whole Foods is 11 miles away

-Have GA stands, need GA floor

-If we park in VIP, we’re gonna have to walk 20 minutes after the show to get balloons

-Can’t find medical grade nitrous anywhere

-This damn humidity keeps clogging up my bullet

-Pool closes at 10 p.m.

-I hate continental breakfast

-Beer sales stop at setbreak

-Flight leaving San Francisco is delayed because of fog

-They played Possum two nights ago

-Lost ticket stub, can’t get free download of the show

-Have ticket stub, but hotel internet is too slow to download ALAC, have to get MP3 instead

Have fun in VT everyone! And I hope you all find good, cheap, plentiful medical grade nitrous after the show:) Oh, and please chime in with some more hilarious Phish tour problems, I know I’m forgetting a lot of them…

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